As Instagram is become the most popular social media platform nowadays, everyone wants to be more popular on their social media profiles. As a marketer or blogger, we always need to be more popular on such platforms. Somehow it’s our job.

So, what will we do for that? Do all the typical stuffs, follow all the best we can do and many more things to gain attention of people around the Instagram.

In my recent research, I have found some techniques “How to become famous on Instagram” not using many people and by which you can increase your popularity on your social media account. Try this for your account and see how your audience number just got increased.

how to become famous on instagram

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1. Do keyword research on hashtags.

I know this sounds similar and almost 70% of Instagram users are using hashtags  to become popular but really is it enough to be more popular on social media, No!! You need to think more while using hashtags & Need to pick up the most relevant hashtags for your post, can generate more traffic and engagement to your Instagram profile.

You will get more engagement if you use at-least 15 hashtags for your post but the condition is they all should be relevant to your topic you are picking up for.

how to become famous on instagram

If you choose the wrong keywords, you won’t be ale to get more engagements on your social media profile results in less popularity of your profile on Instagram. But if you pick up the right keywords – Targeted & Relevant, you will get more popularity on your Instagram profile.

2. Give away gifts if you can.

It’s one of the amazing technique you can used to become famous on Instagram and definitely some things you can’t get it free and popularity is one of those things. If you want something you have to pay for that, Nothing is free in this world.

Some of the gifts are just giveaway prizes. By this, you can leverage your giveaways to get more followers. A few small giveaways can deliver thousands of new followers to you which turned to more popularity for your Instagram profile.

3. Inspire your audience.

People feel good and are more tend to follow when someone inspires them or motivates them. If someone is getting motivated by your thoughts, they like the person who inspires them and will follow them for more such quotes.

That’s what #typewritersvoice, a social media user, does with his account. His Instagram keeps up a steady output of inspirational quotes for all the people.

how to become famous on instagram

4. A few selfie’s are okay.

Now, why Instagram is so popular? Because it’s gives a closer look to your daily life moments which you are experiencing in your life.

Some people have a thing against selfies, as if they are looking ugly or anything else. But In actuality, selfies are part of the personal self expression in the digital to become famous on instagram

If you are attractive celebrity, people want to see you more pictures of you but if you are not there is nothing to be ashamed of. People still want to see you. So, take a chill and snap some of your selfies and post in on your social media account. how to become famous on instagram

5. Comment on other person’s post too.

Now, if you are thinking to become popular without any efforts so you are definitely wrong. You need to get more and more attention to get more followers on your social media profile. So, if you are seeing something relevant to your topic and they have really more followers then you. So, don’t just like their pictures and leave.. Do comment on their pictures of 3-4 line so, people will notice you and apparently increase your audience on social media. When you go to that extra effort, people like that. They’re more likely to open your profile and follow you.

But remember this, don’t comment just “Nice pic, amazing stuffs, like it, etc” as they are meaningless comments. If you do meaningful comments on their post, Not only their followers will notice you but also the author of the post will try to check out your profile or may be you get your new follower.

6. Target the hottest hashtags.

Many people try hashtags to get more exposure on their social media account, but which hashtags should you use with your post?

They will use huge variety of different-different hashtags on their picture like #bestpicture or #likeforlike, hoping to get more engagements. This might be work, but if you use top 100 hashtags it will be easy and a quick way to increase your engagements on social media profile.

7. Post more pictures.

Now, just tell me you really want to follow someone who has only few pictures in his/her account, No!!! There are three different things, a person sees when he want to follow someone or not.

  1. Posts
  3. Following

how to become famous on instagram

You can’t control the followers section of your account but you can definitely control post section. So, just make your profile worthy, people tend to follow it.  You can work hard to make sure that you build up a good portfolio. After that, keep your posting to a maximum of four per day.

8. Consider buying an account that has already big audience.

Believe it or not, but it’s the most toughest part to become popular on Instagram if you start with the new account and start gaining followers from the beginning. How do you able to gain thousands of followers within few days?

The best way to gain your popularity on Instagram is to buy an account that has already few thousand of followers. For experiment or try, you can buy an account has followers above 100k, you have to just change the name of that account and the account is all yours.

Now, there is no doubt you will loose the followers in the beginning even more thousand followers but once you start posting regular content on your account you will a drastic change in your followers list. You can get more followers more than account originally had.

how to become famous on instagramBut remember it, you can’t just take any account and start posting your content. You have to find the account in your same niche and also they are enough popular to start from. You can either approach with an offer or can partner with them. But before start with that, think about it. Otherwise, it’s the best way to become famous on Instagram just over a night.

Note:- These are not the only techniques to gain popularity on your social media account, there are some other ways also by which you can become popular on social media like “Interacting with your followers, commenting on photos, use hashtags in comment while replying someone and many more”. All are successful and have their own place & importance.

If you are dedicated to  your work and want to grow more traffic on your social media profile, then one of these amazing techniques also works for you the best.

And that’s it all for this guide “How to become famous on Instagram”, Thanks for reading.. Enjoy!!!!

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