Whatsapp is the most popular social platform nowadays. Everyone is using Whatsapp today Either for business or personal, there are many features in Whatsapp which allows us to send videos, Audio, pictures, Sharing locations and also we can do text messages or video & voice call with our friends or anyone in the world. Whatsapp is trying to provide more features to their users in the upcoming days for their comfort. But knowing about some whatsapp tricks and hacks would be fun. Today, I am gonna tell you about some amazing whatsapp tricks and hacks by which you would be able to hack your friends or girlfriend whatsapp in just few minutes.

whatsapp tricks and hacks

Everyone share their views and pictures on whatsapp with their friends. It would be fun by hacking your friend’s account or your relative’s or your beloved one’s whatsapp account. It’s not the bad thing that you are hacking their account, You just want to amaze them with your smartness, right!! I have found on web that many people have queries related to: Can whatsapp be hacked?, Some amazing whatsapp tricks and hacks, Whatsapp hacking tools and many more like this. Here, you will find some easy  whatsapp tricks and hacks to hack someone’s account very easily. Just follow the steps and yippee you got it. Enjoy!!!

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Hack Whatsapp Account By MAC Spoofing:-

Now, what is MAC address? The term stands for Media Access Control is a 12-character number assigned to the network adapter of WiFi device used for uniquely identify someone’s smartphone. You gonna need the MAC address of your friend’s smartphone to hack it’s whatsapp account on internet or local network.

If you want to hack your friend’s whatsapp account you have find this MAC address on your friend’s mobile. Now the question is where to find it? Just follow the steps below and you will get to know about your answer.

Step 1: You need to first uninstall whatsapp from your device.

can whatsapp be hacked

  1. Don’t worry! You can recover your account and configured at the end of this process.
  2. Be Careful! Make sure that your Whatsapp account on your device is uninstalled successfully.
Step 2: You will need your friend’s smartphone you wish to hack whatsapp account
  1. You will need the victim (friend’s) smartphone at two points in the whole process.
  2. Be careful!! Don’t take too much time otherwise the victim gonna caught you red handed.
Step 3: Find The MAC address of your friend’s mobile device

whatsapp tricks and hacks

I already told you what MAC address is.

  1. Remember, MAC address varies with devices like Android, iPhone, windows, Blackberry. So, before going to hack, make sure to find the device of your friend’s he/she is using.
  2. The MAC address is 12-character number and looks like similar to this:  (01:55:35:46:98: cb)

Note: Smartphone Platform: How to find MAC Address?

  1. Android : Settings >> About Phone >> Wi- Fi MAC address
  2. BlackBerry : Options >> Phone >> Device and Status Info >> WLAN MAC
  3. Windows Phone : Settings >> About phone >> More info >> MAC Address.
  4. iPhone : Settings >> General >> About >> Wi-Fi MAC Address
Step 4: Find MAC address  of your own smartphone before change it
  1. Make sure you will find your device’s MAC address and save it somewhere with full security.
  2. You will gonna require this MAC address after hacking.
Step 5: Spoof  your MAC address similar to target device MAC address
  1. The process will help you to look your device as similar to the target’s device.
  2. This MAC address spoofing will help you to let whatsapp fool that you are logging into your own whatsapp account.
  3. But honestly, you are logging into your friend’s whatsapp account. Lol!!
Step 6: Install Spoofing apps depending on the targeted device
  1. If Android device: Terminal Emulator, BusyBox
  2. If iPhone or other device: WifiSpoof, MacDaddy X.
  • In the terminal emulator, type “ip link show” and you can find a list of interfaces.
  • Locate the one that has your WiFi MAC address.


let we’ll use the eth0 interface. In the terminal emulator, Type “ip link set eth0 broadcast XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX” and “ip link set eth0 address XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX”, where eth0 is the interface you located and XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX is your victim’s MAC address. To verify that you have changed your MAC address successfully, Type “ip link show eth0.

Step 7: Reinstall whatsapp and configure it.

hack tools

  1. After the installation has finished, you can access the victim’s whatsapp account.
  2. Enter your friend’s mobile number to open his/her whatsapp rather than your own.
Step 8: You will require the confirmation code send to your friend’s mobile

The second and last time when you require your friend’s mobile is to get the confirmation code whatsapp sent to his/her mobile device. Enter the code and yippee, you have now full access to your friend’s whatsapp account. Finally you have hacked your friend’s whatsapp account.

Step 9: Change your MAC address as it was earlier after the hacking process has completed

whatsapp hacks

You can return to your original MAC address by following the same procedure above. Make sure to not have any future  problems with Connectivity or data and internet Usage.

So, In above article i told you about one of whatsapp tricks and hacks i.e. MAC address spoofing. I hope you will find it useful and any feedback or query you can comment us, I really love to hear your views on my opinions.

Note:- The above tutorial is only for educational purpose. The author is no responsible for any sort of misuse or damage. 


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