is alexa worth itIs Alexa worth it? This question always hit the mind whenever go to buy it. Alexa is a virtual personal assistant designed to compete with the likes of Google Now, Siri, and others. Alexa, which was designed by Amazon, can understand your voice commands and respond with immediate responses to help you get the work done. Alexa can help you listen to, create to-do lists, Spotify, shop and even control your smart home products, like Philips Hue, Neato Botvac, TP-LINK HS100, Fitbit Charge 2 and Google’s Nest thermostat.

Alexa was popularized by the Amazon Echo, a device that acts both as a smart-home hub and a speaker, but also works on many other devices. Now, the question “Is Alexa Worth it”?

Like other virtual assistants, Alexa has its fair problems of understanding user commands and responding accurately. However, because it’s a cloud-based service, Amazon is consistently updating Alexa’s intelligence to overcome some other challenges. As machine learning becomes more annoying, look for Alexa to become more intelligent.

Now, Let’s talk about “Best Alexa Smart Home Devices“, Is Alexa worth it? Definitely at the end of the article you will get your answer!!!

  • Nest Learning Thermostat
  • Neato Botvac Connected Vacuum Cleaner
  • TP-LINK HS100 Smart Energy Plug
  • Philips Hue Ambience Starter Kit
  • Fitbit Charge 2

1. Nest Learning Thermostat

With Nest, you are able to manage your home or office’s heating through your smartphone, wherever you’re. Which means you can make sure the heating’s pulled up an more few degrees when you are going home from work on a wintry day, or be sure it doesn’t come on too earlier if you are probably going to be late.

With Echo and Alexa, it really is a lot better. You could commands things like “Alexa, make it a little more comfortable in here” or “Alexa, change the home heating on at 8 am tomorrow”.

2. Neato Botvac Connected Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaning solutions have been all around for a while, but Neato’s Botvac techniques items up by taking benefits of Alexa’s impressive voice commands.

The Botvac is highly advanced. It works by using laser scanning, continuous room maps, and real-time object recognition to plan its way through your home, so it spends less time booming into stuff and more time cleaning. It’s run by a normal rechargeable battery, but will automatically go back to its charging station when it is going out of power.

Alexa makes it even much better. When your floor’s looking a little messy, just say the words: “Alexa, ask Neato to begin cleaning,” and away it goes.

3. TP-LINK HS100 Smart Energy Plug

This little gadget appears to be simple on its own, but it provides you the power to make any electrical gadget smart.Just connect it into an electrical socket to allow you to divert it on and off from anyplace.

This means you can control  music systems, lamps, appliances and more using your voice. And, by joining it with a customary family extension lead, you can easily turn on several gadgets for a cheap-cost smart room setup.

4. Philips Hue Ambience Starter Kit

The Hue range involves lights, lighting strips and bulbs, which can all be connected together and controlled by a smartphone application and your Amazon Echo.

With Echo, all you have to state is “Alexa, dim the lights” and it’s finished. The shading bulbs can show in excess of 16 million colors, making it simple to make a lighting plan for each room and event. Check it out by saying “Alexa, switch every one of the lights in the room to Blue”.

5. Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit make probably the most well known fitness trackers available in market. In case you own an Echo , the Charge 2 is the ideal choice.

It tracks your every day step count, distance secured, calories consumed and heart rate. It likewise screens your sleep and can even wake you up with a quiet alarm.

Try asking “Alexa, How many steps have I done today,” “how well did I sleep the previous night” and “what’s my heart rate now”.

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So, In above article we have told you about the best five Alexa smart home devices and clear you about “Is Alexa worth it?”. We hope you will find it useful and any feedback or query you can comment here, We really love to hear your views on our opinions.

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