Do you want to increase your followers on Instagram? Then, here you go I m presenting you the best trick to increase your followers in just 1 week. In this article i will show you the best trick to increase real  followers on Instagram step by step with images.

If you follow the steps, then you will be able to increase 1k followers in just 1 week. So, let’s see how to do this.

How To Increase Real Followers On Instagram

As u know, Instagram is the most popular social platform nowadays, where you can upload images, videos and also live chat with your friends.

You will also have an Instagram account, but you are not not getting likes and comments on your pictures or videos just because you don’t have enough followers.

Don’t you worry just read my article and you can easily increase your followers. So, let’s start it…

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How To Increase Real Followers On Instagram:-

You will find many apps or sites on internet which will increase your followers very fast but they are all risky, they may release your personal data with others. Don’t go for it, here I’m telling you the best way to increase your followers without any risk.

Step 1: Open your Instagram account.

Step 2: Then, search any Instagram account which has a many followers and open it.

For eg: search Virat kohli and open his account.

Step 3: Click on his latest post, like it and follow all whoever like his pic.. “thing to remember” don’t follow over 100 in one hour, if you go over above then Instagram will block your account for temporary.

Step 4: You can easily follow 100-110 peoples in 1 hour or less than one hour. But don’t go above it.

Step 5: By this, your following list will increased so you can unfollow them after sometime, but not immediately.. just wait for some days and then unfollow them. Otherwise, they will also unfollow you.

So, the person you follow will follow you back. By this you can increase your followers by 1k in just one week.

Some More Effective Ways To Increase Real Followers On Instagram:-

  1. Get creative with hash-tagging in your post.
  2. Promote your dedicated Username with hashtag.
  3. Take part in Popular Conversations.
  4. Use attractive Captions in your post.
  5. Make your own Instagram style.
  6. If you want to promote your brand, Always promote your homepage URL.
  7. Use polls or Q/A in your post to increase engagements.

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