I always thought like how fast technology is increasing. People are getting more smart day by day. Now, we know that whatsapp is providing security to their users, but what will you do if someone hacked your whatsapp account “nothing”. Well my today’s article is not about “what you should do if someone hacked your account”. Today i’m gonna tell you about the how to secure whatsapp from hacking.

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how to secure whatsapp from hackingSix ways “how to secure whatsapp from hacking” :-

1. Lock your whatsapp:- 

The  first thing you have to do is lock your whats app. Whats app does not provide any type of app lock features inside it. So, you have to download the third-party app from the play store and just lock your whats app with password or pin from that app.

Some third party apps provide app lock feature are whatslock, app lock, cm security launcher, etc etc.

how to secure whatsapp from hacking2. Don’t share your phone with unknowns (prevent IMEI hacking):-

In childhood, our elder’s always told us not to talk with strangers. why they always said that? Well, today i got the answer, let’s relate this thing with this topic. So, if you permit anyone to access your mobile device and his/her intentions are wrong then he/she will dig your IMEI number. Now, whats app associates with the IMEI number, whick is unique for every single mobile device. And it can be easily find out if someone has your device. He/She just have to dial *#06# from your mobile and the IMEI number comes on the screen.

So, don’t ever share your smartphone with strangers.

3. Selective erase your Whats App messages:-

Now, why i’m telling you to erase your data? Assume that you go somewhere and by mistake you lost your phone or it has been stolen there. what will you do? That’s y i will recommend you to always erase your unnecessary whats app messages. But don’t forget to erase it permanently.

4. Block installation from unknown sources:-

One way to hack your whats app account is to install hacking tool on your device. So, to prevent from this method you can do one thing Go to your setting>device security>unknown resources. Turn it off.

5. Avoid using WhatsApp on less known WiFi:-

Now, what mostly people do? they use public wifi for internet surfing. Well, many hackers are waiting for you there to use public wifi why? because if you use less secured wifi connection then, hacker will be able to access your mobile device easily and accessing your apps including whatsapp also.  So, i recommend you to stay away from public wifi’s as much as you can.

6.  Be careful of your communication over Whatsapp:-

The last way how to secure whatsapp from hacking is do not share your personal data over chat on whats app. Just stay away from sharing  most important information on whats app like your IMEI Number, or anything related to whatsapp privacy data. It’s better to always be careful and not gives the beans to anyone to make profit on.

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