Facebook is the most biggest and popular social platform containing billion of active users from all over the world. It’s one of the biggest social networking site to attract the potential customers for your business.   If you have a Facebook page and you are using it to spread all your business to the entire world but struggling in doing this task (Not getting more Facebook page likes, engagements etc), then you really need to read this article about “How to increase Facebook page likes for free” till the end.

Well, some people especially “beginners” might question about, why do i need to increase my Facebook page likes? The answer is simple “As Facebook has number of billion active users, you can drive tons of traffic to your website, you can join affiliation programs to promote other products and can earn lots of money from it” But more importantly if you will have a thousands of likes and followers on your page, people will trust you and trust your representatives which will helps you in gaining more money..

So, let’s start the topic “How to Increase Facebook Page Likes for Free“, If you really wanna increase your Facebook page likes read the article till the end.

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How to Increase Facebook Page Likes for Free

How to increase Facebook page likes for free (Basic Way)

At first I would like to mention some initial simple steps, you can do to increase your Facebook page likes. Some people do this, some people not. But I wanna tell you As a beginner, you should implement these ways. By this methods, you are showing people about your presence on Facebook. let’s have a look on these:

1. Set up your Page timeline

Now, Many people are unaware of this but this is really the important step after making of your Facebook page. What you have to do is upload a profile picture and cover picture on your Facebook page related to your business so people can relate with.

Next thing you have to do is Go to above section of your page and fill all the details according to your business perspective. You have to fill the details like:

  • Category
  • Topics
  • Page name
  • Facebook web address how people find you
  • Short description of your page what you are going to provide your users.
  • Impressum
  • Long Description, Describe briefly about your page
  • Website, If you have a website then add the site address to your page so people can engage with your site.
  • Facebook page Id.

2. Invite your friends to like your page

Now, After setting up your Facebook page this is first and simplest way to increase Facebook page likes initially. Suppose you have good friend list of around 1000 to 2000 people, you will definitely gain around 100-300 page likes just by inviting them. In this case “Girls have more advantage rather than boys” why? Do i really need to tell you the reason of this, you all know the reason.

You can do this automatically from your page, Just go to your page section and find the that section where you will find the “Invite Your Friends” button and click on it. Select all and click on invite all and Bingo!!! Now wait till your friends accept your invitation to like your page.

How to Increase Facebook Page Likes for Free

3. Ask your friends to invite their friends  (Not Mutual friends)

Now, Everyone has group of close friends so why not make some smartly use of that group. Ask your friends to like your page and invite your non mutual friends to do the same. And yes don’t forget to tell them to share your page. This will make your page more popular as Facebook will think people are recommending your page on their timeline. Ask your not so close friends to do same but ask them in a very politely manner so they don’t deny you. This will definitely gonna increase Facebook page likes and engagements.

Hey but what if someone deny to invite his/her friends to like your page? Chill, just hack his/her Facebook account with this trick “Fastest way to hack Facebook account”  and do it by yourself, LOL!!

4. Make a Schedule for posting and stick to it.

People always think that posting in a bulk will increase their followers and in result increase Facebook Page likes but it’s not true. Suppose you have posted 10 articles in a day and then took a leave for few days and then again post something, you will find it annoying but it’s true that this is just the waste of time and waste of energy.  Posting 2 articles in 5 days is better than 10 articles a day. Now, what I meant to say is “Do post regularly”. This will increase 40% more engagement on your Facebook page.

5. Add Facebook like button to your website

This is not that effective way to increase engagement but still if you have enough traffic on your site and people are taking interest in your site  to read more they will definitely gonna like your Facebook page to get more and more from you. Add a widget to your sidebar and also use some pop up box to attract more people.

6. Be creative with hashtags

This is the modern way to increase likes and engagements on your Facebook page. Whenever you are posting something on your Facebook page don’t forget to add hashtags related to your content and make sure the hashtags you are using are enough popular to reach your post to more people.

“So, all of these above methods are used to gain followers and increase Facebook page likes at the initial stage. This is not  the end of the article, this methods are only for beginner. Now, have a look on some advanced ways to get more engagements on your Facebook page”.

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