Before start, let me tell you what we will talk about today and what will we talk about. So today I am gonna tell you about Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular, Now In this article we will talk about Apple Watch Series 3 price, specification along with all of it’s features. And also in the end of the article, I will tell you about some strong reasons to buy this smartphone for yourself. Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular has a screen display for apps and for other purposes of the smartwatch.

apple watch series 3 cellular

Apple Watch Series 3 was launch on 22 September 2017. You can make phone calls and also send text messages to your friends and families. By using this, you can stream more than 45 million songs with apple music from your wrist.

The Siri function can send a calendar invitation, gives you location etc etc all without your phone. If you leave your phone at home then, you still get all the notifications from your favourite apps.

With cellular feature, you will always stay in touch with your loving ones. GPS and Altimeter system allows you to see how far and high you go. Also the apple watch series 3 cellular is waterproof, So you can go in ocean or for swimming without any fear.

You can also compete with your friends by share your activities. Also, you can set 3 activity goals each day in it. Like a personal trainer, Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular always gives you the motivation whenever you need it.

Now, the Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular has a OLED display technology. It comes with 1.66 inches screen size with screen resolution of 312 x 390 pixels at pixel density of 301 ppi.

The battery-life of Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular is up-to 1 day and it can be charged via USB or you can also charge it wireless.

Now, Additional features include Alarm Clock, Reminders, Social Integration, Goal Setting, Real Time Coaching, Stopwatch.

The Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular is powered by operating system v4 and processed by dual core comes with 8 GB of internal storage.

Connectivity options include  GPS, Bluetooth, Wireless protocol. Sensors on the phone includes Accelerometer and Gyro.

Activity trackers includes Calories Intake Burned, Activity-inactivity, Distance, Active Minutes, Heart Rate, Sleep Quality, Steps, Hours Slept.

Now, smartphone features you can directly control from your watch includes Receive Call, Gesture Control, Voice Control, Facebook Checking, Music Control, Auto Re-connection, Location Tag, Make Call.

Now, the main thing is what will you get inside the box after purchasing it. So, the box includes Smart Watch,  USB Power Adapter, Magnetic Charging Cable, Warranty Card, User Manual.

The price of Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular is 34,310 Rs (345$).

Reasons to Buy Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular:-

  1. You can leave your smartphone at home.
  2. Enjoy 40 million songs on Apple music.
  3. You can use Siri.
  4.  Your friends can find you.
  5. You can navigate.
  6. Stunning Design..
  7. Waterproof smartwatch…

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